Bridal Must Pick Up for Any Situation for Pre-Wedding Shoot and Wedding

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Weddings are lovely affairs. A time when a bride is felt like a Queen having everyone around all the time, making everything available for her in a blink of an eye. But, even a Queen has some safety measures to protect her in the darkest hour when there might be no one around to extend a hand of help.

Just in that way, a bride needs to carry an emergency kit along with her whether it is during her pre-wedding photo shoot or her D-Day. On both the occasions there is no doubt she will be having a plethora of helping hands around her, but there are times when pre-wedding and wedding disasters feel like the latter. In any case, a Bride-to-be should be prepared to handle any kind of hindrance she comes across.

The ones who are thinking about what can ever go wrong with a bride-to-be when she has our make-up artist, her fashion designer and most importantly her bridesmaid around. Imagine, you are at a pre-wedding photoshoot location in Gurgaon or pre-wedding photoshoot location in Delhi somewhere which is far away from the commercial and residential areas. And, while posing like a star for the camera you accidentally step on your dress’s vail and hear a voice which is not at all good and alarming. Now, you can’t expect your fashion designer to be around you all the time, No. In such a case, having a small sewing kit can save your day.

So, to save one from these embarrassing and alarming situations either at a pre-wedding photoshoot or on the wedding day, we are giving some useful tips on what all things a Bride-to-be must have in her emergency kit. Trust us, this will save your day without landing in any further alarming situations.

Take note of these things :

The most important thing – Sewing Kit

Your sewing kit could turn out be your brawniest joined forces against all odd elements during your pre-wedding photo shoot or wedding day. Make sure you have safety pins, needles, a small pair of scissors, some threads role matching your and your bridesmaid pre-wedding photo shoot dresses and/or wedding dress, sewing needles and hemp tape. This won’t only help you to fix any slits you suffer during either occasion, but those safety pins will help you pin-up your heavy dresses to your comfort. And, in any case, your Bridegroom needs any help, you stand there to help him as you vow for each other.

Have a bottle clear Nail Polish and Super Glue

Wearing all those glittery designer dresses needs stocking beneath it. And, we girls can understand the horror of a torn stocking. So, to save yourself from such a situation a bottle of clear Nail Polish will come to your rescue. Just apply it at the slitted area to prevent it to expand. And, a bottle of super Glue will help to fix any broken neckless or earning, sandal’s heel or any other motlier accessories. Just to warn, do mark your both the bottles, you can’t afford to confuse a clear nail polish with super glue(you know what we mean!!!).

Carry a bottle of mineral water, Protein Bar and some Quick Dry snacks

Whether during a pre-wedding photo shoot at some pre-wedding photoshoot location in Gurgaon or pre-wedding photoshoot location in Delhi or during the preparations at D-Day, a bride-to-be id always has millions of tasks to do and plan to get that perfection. During all these preparations and tasks, she needs to always be hydrated. Therefore it is always recommended that a bride-to-be should have water and some quick-bites of a protein bar and some dry snacks to keep her filled, hydrated and to keep a check on her blood sugar levels so that she won’t feel at any point lightheaded or ill.

A pack of bobby pins, Hair Ties, a comb and a small bottle of Hairspray

To get a perfect click a bride-to-be needs to look perfect. Therefore, these things will come in handy when either during pre-wedding photo shoot or wedding photo shoots, there are chances of messing of her hair while setting her vail. Now, for such immediate hair set-ups, these small but equally important types of equipment will come handy.

Lipsticks matching with your dress/other quick make-up kits

Lipstick is the first thing that always needs a touch-up in make-up, so it is always advisable to carry lipsticks matching your pre-wedding photo shoot and wedding day attire. Also, carrying a mascara, eyeliners, foundation and/or blush-on may come handy at times.

A packet of wet tissues/make-up remover

Trust us, this one packet will come as a blessing in disguise to you once busy with your pre-wedding photo shoots or wedding shoots or during those odd times. Always stock-up packs of these two and be tension free.

Packs of sanitary napkins/tampons/menstrual cups

Don’t trust your calender during these days. With all the anxiety and excitements a bride-to-be goes through, even her harmones will be dancing. Therefore, always carry either of these because believe it or not out of 10, 7 Bride-to-bes always get in situation during these days requiring either of these.

Here are some of the essential things one bride-to-be SHOULD always carry in her emergency kit along with some frangrance, her cellphone, some cash and those dental floss and mints.

Have these, and be ready to rock your day!!

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