Office Uniforms Designs For Females

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Dressing for the office in the morning takes energy and time, this is the reason that the concept of “work uniform” has become so popular with the variation of the same outfit every single day. But it’s not quite simple for women. For starters, throwing T-shirts and jeans for work every day for women is not as easy. In many industries, women still struggle to deal with their male counterparts. Polishing is an important way of wearing professional clothes, even in the event of a casual work environment. Case in the point: Sheryl Sandberg and Marissa Mayer never seen up to board meetings in Hoodie and T-shirt. They are known for the elegant shift dresses and are well chosen separately.
Women also have to face more choices when it comes to working. Men generally have two choices: formal, in which case they wear suits, or casual, in which case they wear jeans. On the other hand, women have wallet friendly ideas for a supercool office space, masculine from the feminine, modest to risqué, muted to colorful, the list goes on below.

First Work Uniform: Aritzia

The goal of the Canadian brand Aritzia is to target 18 to 30 markets. Its Babaton line is specially designed to go between professional and casual settings, which is ideal for women who are just starting the workplace, want to build their first work uniform. I would advise going through them in blouses and pants, as well as a costume, and regular rotation. The advantage of these outfits is that they do not appear to be highly starchy or formal, so they can easily transition into evening or weekend activities, such as brunch with a casual dinner or with friends.

For Tech Lady Bosses: Argent

Smart Cuff Blazer ($330), one of Argent’s best-selling products, is an ideal basic blazer in your work uniform. I wore it in summer especially in a chilly colleague place for two weeks. It has a ribbed cuff that allows you to pull back your sleeves while working. There is also an invisible layer of tape behind your neck, which is reflective so that if you are biking or running at night, cars will be able to see you. There is a lattice pocket on the inside for your phone so that you can open the blazer and keep an eye out for it without fully removing your device. There is also a special compartment for your office key card so that you can easily get out of your building by tapping the edge of your blazer.

Try to tie Blazer with Argent’s Hi-Tech Ponte Dress ($275), which is a small black dress suitable for work. During the cold months, it feels very good with contrasting trunks. It comes with pockets, which I found when I was testing it, so much work came out. This UVB 30 comes with safety and reduces heat absorption, despite being black. And to make it all the above, it comes in a very flattering profile: it is located on the waist, then comes out on the hem, and comes with three-way stretch.

For Starchier Industries: MM.LaFleur

While the overall trend in offices has become more casual, there are still industries where more formal dress is required. If you are going to courtroom for a meeting, for example, or to meet legislators on Capitol Hill, you will need a cupboard full of shift clothes.

MM.LaFleur, women’s workwear startup, was specially designed for busy women, who spend their lives in professional clothing. The brand tries to pull out the effort through the process of shopping through the concept of its “bento box” concept, which allows you to provide some details about your lifestyle and body type so that a personal stylist can give you many can choose outfits. You can send them back which you do not like. The brand now offers a more comprehensive selection of sizes from 0 to 22.

For the Creative Professions: Eileen Fisher

Eileen Fisher has caught the work uniform. The brand has created “The System”, which is a set of eight fabrics that come in high-quality clothes and simple silhouette. Each piece, which comes in black or white, can be combined with any other part of the system for an endless combination of look.

Investment Pieces: Senza Tempo

If you are more established in your career, then you can look for some wonderful but versatile pieces for your wardrobe, which you will feel confident if you need to bring your A-game. For example, Ted talk, or an important VC pitch.

In order to fill this requirement, the Startup Senza Tempo was established specifically. The brand has launched a much-curated collection of classic pieces. The clothes are expensive, catering to the luxury market and they are all made from the highest quality clothes. Each piece is lined in silk, for example, due to its temperature regulating properties.

Best in Class: Les Lunes

Startup Les Lunes, based in San Francisco and Paris, launched with a purpose: to make the most comfortable workwear imaginative. Several years ago, the founders of the brand discovered bamboo, a soft, Stretchy eco-friendly material that is now commonly used in sleepwear and underwear. They put this material in the hands of a team of designers in Paris, and see if they can turn it into clothes that can be worn to work.

They succeeded, they have created a line of jumpsuits, dresses, and separates, which look like polishing for thoughtful touches like ruching, draping, and lace. The fabric is temperature regulation, which makes it suitable for the entire year. If you want to put together a work uniform that you wear every day, then for the entire year, I will suggest going with Les Lunes.

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