Why is a Scarf a Must-Have in Your Wardrobe?

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Scarves have been used for ages primarily to protect the throat from chilly winds in the winters and the neck region from the torturing and harmful rays of the sun during summers. Today of course, the scarf is a unisexual accessory used for defining and creating fashion statements. For the trendy males it often replaces the formal looking tie and for the chic females it is a stylized way of complementing one’s attire and presenting oneself.
The truth is that the scarf has health benefits more than being just another accessory sitting idle in your wardrobe. It is important to understand the importance of this diminutive little piece made from some of the world’s softest fabrics for you. It serves as your close aide and offers protection to one of your most sensitive and delicate part of the body.

Here are few reasons that make the scarf an inevitable part of your clothes collection.

1. It helps you handle tough weather conditions when you move outdoors.

The chill in the air is as harmful to your body as the ultraviolet rays falling on the exposed parts of your body. As winters set in, with our questionable living styles and rise of pollutants in the atmosphere, most of us are prone to asthma attacks or if not that severe, mild cold and cough. Scarves are so handy during this time.

Even as per few traditional treatment methods, the use of a scarf or cloth around the neck and the throat region is advised for circulation of warm air in and around the area.They protect your ear, throat and nose from dangerous particles in the air. As the temperature rises outside the scarf remains useful and positive too. It helps you cover your neck and to a certain extent your hair and face. This invariably leads to lesser exposure to the sun’s rays.

Not to mention that the scarf is an excellent accessory for aged people and small children who are more prone to catch infections from the air outdoors, irrespective of the season.
Similarly during summers when the air-conditioning is at full blast indoors, the scarf again proves to be your constant and dependable companion.

2. Scarves provide warmth and comfort.

Scarves made of premium quality wool like Pashmina that is soft and tender to touch and feel, provide a soothing feeling to the person. When worn the proper way, it hugs you with all cosiness, providing you at times with the much needed warmth and comfort. People who wear pashmina scarves throughout the year love the gentleness of these small pieces of clothing attire.

3. It undoubtedly makes you look trendy and cool.

This is tiny little piece of cloth that is available in the market in abundant colours, designs and patterns. Having a few of them in your wardrobe gives you the freedom to mix and match with your other attire and dresses and make you stand out in a crowd. In fact even when you repeat your favourite dress with different scarves, not even your close friends would be able to catch the glitz.

4. For neck problem and to hide the scars

One important reason why many people prefer to wear scarves on a regular basis is because of medical issues in the neck region. Especially people who are prone to neck stiffness. Then there are people who have injuries on parts near their faces – they use the scarf intelligently and smartly to hide the bruises, the ointments and the cold compresses.
Even though many people perceive the scarf as an extra piece of burden on their neck, the truth is when this pocket-sized accessory is used appropriately, they make you look utter stylish while protecting your essential sensory organs.

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